Thursday, April 17, 2014

We have the power to change our heads

Modern neuroscience is showing that with willful, directed attention, you can slowly but surely change your brain chemistry. People have recovered from severe mental health crises using mindfulness and volitional attention. 

This ain't no bullshit.

And some of it is backed up by theories of quantum mechanics and superposition. Schrödinger's cat was crazy as fuck, so to speak.


"...I think the truly important manifestation of will, the one from which our decisions and behaviors flow, is the choice we make about the quality and direction of attentional focus. Mindful or unmindful, wise or unwise - no choice we make is more basic, or important, than this one.


Cerebral conditions may determine the nature of what's thrown into our minds, but we have the power to choose which aspects of that experience to focus on. The brain may determine the content of our experience, but mind chooses which aspect of that experience receives attention."

Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, The Mind and The Brain, 369-370

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